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Farm work in Norway

Norges Bondelag - The Norwegian Farmers' Union - is the main farmers' union in Norway. The objective is to unite all who are, or feel attached to agriculture and work for common interests. The main goals are to secure the economic, social and cultural conditions of Norwegian farmers and rural communities. Highest priority is given to the following areas:

• Improve income levels of farmers
• Safeguard quality food
• Aim at production in environmental-friendly manners
• Work for maintenance of viable rural areas.

Norges Bondelag does not engage in information about farmers who want workers and does not provide system to help people find employment.

You can try one of the follwing contacts;

Bondebladet, a weekly newspaper for farmers in Norway is open to anyone who wants to advertise for work: The adresse is: Bondebladet, Postboks 9367 Grønland, 0135 OSLO, Norway. www.bondebladet.no e-mail: annonse@bondebladet.no

NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation, www.nav.no/workinnorway/ has pages in English.

For young people between 18 and 30 there’s also Atlantis Exchange. Atlantis organises work experience programs and have a Working Guest program within farming and tourism in Norway. The program is based on the idea of working for free accommodation, board and pocket money.  http://atlantis.no/english/ E-mail: landbruk@atlantis.no



Norges Bondelag, Pb. 9354 Grønland, 0135 Oslo. Besøksadresse: Landbrukets Hus, Hollendergata 5, 0190 Oslo 
Tlf: 22054500
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