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The Norwegian Farmers' Union

The NFU works to improve the conditions for Norwegian agriculture and to advocate the importance of farming in a modern society. It is the leading organisation for agricultural business and politics, and delivers a wide range of service to members.

Norwegian Farmers' Union (NFU):

  • Has more than 60.000 members, 540 local branches and 18 regional associations
  • Has headquarter located in Oslo and regional offices in all parts of the country
  • Is independent of political parties
  • Annual negotiations with the governement to settle framework for support and prices.
  • Annual "Open farms" in every part of the country


Contact adress:
Norges Bondelag / the Norwegian Farmers' Union
Boks 9354 Grønland, 0135 Oslo, Norway.
E-mail: bondelaget@bondelaget.no
Phone: +47 22 05 45 00

Farm work in Norway: contact information


Norges Bondelag, Pb. 9354 Grønland, 0135 Oslo. Besøksadresse: Landbrukets Hus, Hollendergata 5, 0190 Oslo 
Tlf: 22054500
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